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Fig. 2.

Cell uptake of CHOL-POPC or DMPG-POPC liposomes to MCF-7 breast cancer cells. (A) MCF-7 cells treated with CHOLPOPC and DMPG-POPC liposomes were incubated in time dependent (1, 2, and 4 hrs). MCF-7 cells were washed with DPBS buffer three times and were observed using fluorescence microscope. The treated concentration of rhodamine labeled liposome was fixed at 20 μg in all experiments and showed red color in each cells. (B) Red fluorescence of each rhodamine-labeled liposome on MCF-7 cells evaluated using Tail® image based cytometer. Error bars represent standard deviation of three independent experiments (n=3, **P<0.01 when compared to DMPG-POPC with CHOL-POPC liposome).

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