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Fig. 3.

Cytotoxicity of the dual drug-loaded liposomes in MCF-7 cells. The all control groups were treated with saline. (A and B) To evaluate of IC50 for each two-drug, MCF-7 cells were incubated with various concentration of metformin or sodium salicylate. Cell viavility was each monitored by WST assay method using EZ-CyTox reagents after 48 hrs. (C and D) To measure the cytotoxicity senergic effect of the dual drug-loaded liposomes, MCF-7 cells were treated with the combined the free dual drugs (combination) or the dual drug-loaded liposomes (Lipo-[Met+Sod]) for 48 hrs. Data are represented as the mean ± standard deviation (n=3). A; **P<0.01 compared with the control, B; **P<0.01 compared with the control, C; *P<0.05, compared with metformin or sodium salicylate respectively, D; **P<0.01 compared with Lipo-Dox, Lipo-Met or Lipo-Sod respectively.

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