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Table. 1.

Current and recently completed trial I and II using oncolytic viruses (Raja et al., 2018)

Virus Strain Targeted malignancy
Herpes simplex virus I Talimogene Laherparepvec (T-Vec) Breast, Melanoma and pancreatic
TBI-1401 (HF10) Superficial solid tumors and melanoma
G207 Glioma
HSV1716 Mesothelioma, Bone, Sarcomas and neuroblastomas

Adenovirus/Herpes ADV/HSV-tk Breast and NSCLC
Simplex virus

Adenovirus LOAd703 PancreaticNSCLC
CG0070 Bladder
ColoAd1 (Enadenotucirev) Colorectal, NSCLC, Bladder, Epithelial
Renal cell and ovarian
ONCOS-102 Advanced solid tumors and melanoma
DNX-2401 Brain
VCN-01 Advanced solid tumors and pancreatic
Ad-MAGEA3 and MG1-MAGEA3 NSCLC and advanced solid tumors
NSC-CRAd-Survivin-pk7 Glioma
Ad5-yCD/mutTKSR39rep-hIL12 Prostate
Ad5-yCD/mutTKSR39rep-ADP NSCLC

Measles MV-NIS Breast, Head and neck, Ovarian, Nerve sheath, Mesothelioma and multiple myeloma

Vaccinia GL-ONC1 Advanced solid tumors, Head and neck and ovarian
Pexastimogene devacirepvec (Pexa-Vec) Hepatocellular, Head and neck, Colorectal, Advanced solid tumors, Blue cell, Melanoma, Lung and renal cell

Reovirus REOLYSIN Colorectal, Bladder, Pancreatic, Multiple myeloma, Plasma cell cytoma, Ovarian and peritoneal

Coxsackievirus CVA21 (CAVATAK) Melanoma and NSCLC

Parvovirus H-1PV (ParvOryx) Glioblastoma multiforme

Polio/Rhinovirus PVSRIPO Glioma
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