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Fig. 3.

Microarray analysis of CCN3-R239Q-overexpressing cortical neurons. (A) Schematic illustrating the approach for preparing the total RNA from CCN3-R239Q-overexpressing cortical tissue for microarray. GFP-positive cortical tissues were dissected from three independent Gfp and Gfp/CCN3-R239Q electroporated mouse brains at P0. (B) Hierarchical clustering of 60 genes highly regulated by CCN3-R239Q overexpression. Among these, five apoptotic-related genes (S100a9, Nts, Lyz2, Anp32a, and Zic1) showed at least a 1.5-fold upregulation in the CCN3-R239Q-overexpressing cortical tissues. Yellow and blue indicate relatively higher and lower expression, respectively.

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