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The Biomed. Sci. Lett. encourages the submission of manuscripts describing primarily original investigations in the broad fields of biomedical sciences, molecular and cellular biology, cancer biology, neuroscience, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology and physiology. Reports of purely laboratory or animal investigations should have a clear bearing on the problems of animal and human diseases. The journal will consider manuscripts that are primarily methodologic if the method is novel, if its development poses or answers important biologic questions, or if its description includes data applying it to a study of potential interest to our readership.

Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:1-112
Effect of Natural Compounds on Catechol Estrogen-Induced Carcinogenesis
Nam-Ji Sung and Sin-Aye Park
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:1-6
Original Articles
A Comparative Study of [F-18] Florbetaben (FBB) PET Imaging, Pathology, and Cognition between Normal and Alzheimer Transgenic Mice
Ngeemasara Thapa, Young-Jin Jeong, Hyeon Kang, Go-Eun Choi, Hyun-Jin Yoon and Do-Young Kang
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:7-14
Noninvasive Detection of Specific Diagnostic Biomarkers for Atopic Dermatitis
Jeong Hyun Chang
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:15-22
Estrogen Induces CK2α Activation via Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species
Soo-Yeon Jeong and Suhn-Young Im
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:23-31
Seven-year Survival Rate of On-line Hemodiafiltration
Jung-Hwan Yoon and Nam-Ho Kim
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:32-39
A Comparison of Genospecies of Clinical Isolates in the Acinetobacter spp. Complex Obtained from Hospitalized Patients in Busan, Korea
Gyu-Nam Park, Hye-Sook Kang, Hye-Ran Kim, Bo-Kyung Jung, Do-Hee Kim and Kyung-Soo Chang
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:40-53
Anti-inflammatory Modulating Effect of Rengyolone in Rat
Gil-Hyon Lee, Kyung-Yae Hyun and Yoon-Jung Kang
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:54-59
Pristimerin Inhibits Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression Induced by TLR Agonists
Su-Yeon Kim, Sung-Hye Heo, Sin-Aye Park and Hyung-Sun Youn
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:60-65
Cytotoxic Effect of Triglycerides via Apoptotic Caspase Pathway in Immune and Non-immune Cell Lines
Jaewon Lim, Eun Ju Yang and Jeong Hyun Chang
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:66-74
Application of Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Assay to Rapid Detection of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from Blood Cultures
Yun-Hee Baek, Mi-Young Jo, Min-Suk Song, Seung-Bok Hong and Kyeong-Seob Shin
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:75-82
The Ameliorative Effect of Angelica acutiloba Ameliorates Through the NO / iNOS Pathway in Rats with Systemic Allergy
Min-Seok Cho, Hae-Woong Park, Gil-Hyun Lee, Hae-Gyung Yoon, Kyung-Mo Oh, Seok-Cheol Choi and Kyung-Yae Hyun
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:83-91
Anti-inflammatory Effects of Metformin on Neuro-inflammation and NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation in BV-2 Microglial Cells
Ji-Sun Ha, Yun-Seon Yeom, Ju-Hun Jang, Yong-Hee Kim, Ji In Im, In Sik Kim and Seung-Ju Yang
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:92-98
Classification of 18F-Florbetaben Amyloid Brain PET Image using PCA-SVM
Kook Cho, Woong-Gon Kim, Hyeon Kang, Gyung-Seung Yang, Hyun-Woo Kim, Ji-Eun Jeong, Hyun-Jin Yoon, Young-Jin Jeong and Do-Young Kang
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:99-106
Brief Communication
Expression of Fas and TNFR1 in the Luteal Cell Types Isolated from the Ovarian Corpus Luteum
Minseong Kim, Sang-Hee Lee, Seunghyung Lee and Gur-Yoo Kim
Biomed Sci Letters 2019;25:107-112