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The Biomed. Sci. Lett. encourages the submission of manuscripts describing primarily original investigations in the broad fields of biomedical sciences, molecular and cellular biology, cancer biology, neuroscience, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology and physiology. Reports of purely laboratory or animal investigations should have a clear bearing on the problems of animal and human diseases. The journal will consider manuscripts that are primarily methodologic if the method is novel, if its development poses or answers important biologic questions, or if its description includes data applying it to a study of potential interest to our readership.

Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:249-388
Original Articles
Antioxidant Effect of Annexin A-1 Induced by Low-dose Ionizing Radiation in Adipose-derived Stem Cells
Ji-Eun You, Seung-Wan Lee, Keun-Sik Kim and Pyung-Hwan Kim
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:249-255
All-trans Retinoic Acid Induces Expression and Secretion of Carboxypeptidase D in THP-1 Cells
Hang Thi Thu Nguyen and Jae Young Kim
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:256-266
The Anti-inflammatory Mechanism of Protaetia brevitarsis Lewis via Suppression the Activation of NF-κB and Caspase-1 in LPS-stimulated RAW264.7 Cells
Noh-Yil Myung, Eun-Mi Ahn and Su-Jin Kim
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:267-274
Validation of Reduced-volume Reaction in the PowerQuant® System for human DNA Quantification
Hyojeong Kim, Yoonjung Cho, Jeongyong Kim, Ja Hyun Lee, Hyo Sook Kim and Eungsoo Kim,
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:275-287
Riboflavin Inhibits Growth of Helicobacter pylori by Down-regulation of polA and dnaB Genes
Hye Jin Kwon, Min Ho Lee, Hyun Woo Kim, Ji Yeong Yang, Hyun Jun Woo, Min Park, Cheol Moon, Sa-Hyun Kim and Jong-Bae Kim
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:288-295
Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity and Cytotoxicity in Mixture Extract of Artemisia asiatica Nakai and Moringa oleifera Lam
Yoon-Ji Lee, Jang-Oh Kim, Chan-Hee Jeon, Ji-Eun Lee, Ji-Hye Shin and Byung-In Min
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:296-301
Development and Evaluation of a SYBR Green-Based, Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction for Rapid and Specific Detection of Human Coxsackievirus B5
Kyu Bong Cho
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:302-309
Ameliorative Potential of Rengyolone Against CCI-induced Neuropathic Pain in Rats
Gil-Hyun Lee and Kyung-Yae Hyun
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:310-318
Optimization of Conditions for High Concentration of Eleutheroside E and Chlorgenic Acid Components of Acanthopanax koreanum Stem Extract
Sung Gi Kim, Byung Wook Yang, Jae Bum Lee, Sa Hyun Kim and Sung Kwon Ko
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:319-326
Effects of Natural Products on Acute Orofacial Pain Control Enhanced by Oral Disease
Ja-Hyeong Choi and Min-Kyung Lee
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:327-335
Anticancer Activity of Bispidinone Derivative by Induction of Apoptosis
Man Gi Lee and Ryong Kwon
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:336-343
Association of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Interleukin-12 Receptor (IL-12Rβ1 and IL-12Rβ2) with Asthma in a Korean Population
Jaemee Jung, Sangjung Park, Sung-Soo Kim, Mijin Hong, Eunhye Choi, Hyun-Seok Jin and Dahyun Hwang
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:344-350
Prevalence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and its Association with Psychological Distress among Female College Students in Korea
Aelee Jang
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:351-359
Preparation of Tuna Skin Byproduct Film Containing Pinus thunbergii Cone Extract
Jing-Gi Bak, Jin Kim and Seung-Ho Ohk
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:360-367
Replicated Association Study for Metabolic Syndrome of the Gene Cluster in Chromosome 11q23.3
Sung-Soo Kim, Sangjung Park and Hyun-Seok Jin
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:368-375
Brief Communications
Changes in the Compound and Bioactivity of Suaeda japonica Makino Extract by Different Harvesting Time
Ji-Hye Choi, Sung-Gyu Lee and Hyun Kang
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:376-382
Anti-bacterial Effect of Oenothera lamarckiana Aerial Part Extract
Ji Yeong Yang, Pyoengjae Lee and Sa-Hyun Kim
Biomed Sci Letters 2020;26:383-388