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The Biomed. Sci. Lett. encourages the submission of manuscripts describing primarily original investigations in the broad fields of biomedical sciences, molecular and cellular biology, cancer biology, neuroscience, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology and physiology. Reports of purely laboratory or animal investigations should have a clear bearing on the problems of animal and human diseases. The journal will consider manuscripts that are primarily methodologic if the method is novel, if its development poses or answers important biologic questions, or if its description includes data applying it to a study of potential interest to our readership.

Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:143-284
Catechol Estrogen 4-Hydroxyestradiol is an Ultimate Carcinogen in Breast Cancer
Sin-Aye Park
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:143-149
Tankyrase: Function and Tankyrase Inhibitor in Cancer
Mi Kyung Kim
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:150-156
Current Status of the Clinical Development of Gene Therapy
Sun-Il Kwon
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:157-167
Original Articles
The Improving Effect of Gastrodia elata Blume on DSS-induced Colitis in Mice
Eun-Mi Ahn and Su-Jin Kim
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:168-174
Transcription Factor PU.1 Inhibits Aspergillus fumigatus Infection via Surfactant Protein-D
Sung-Su Kim
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:175-182
Comparison of Virulence between Five Strains of Cryptococcus Species Complex in a Rat Model
Gyu-Nam Park, Sun-Young Kim, Hye-Ran Kim, Bo-Kyung Jung, Dong-Jun An, Seung-Bok Hong and Kyung-Soo Chang
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:183-195
Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties of Raw and Processed Fruits and Vegetables
Yuan Yee Lee, Evelyn Saba, Minki Kim, Man Hee Rhee and Hyun-Kyoung Kim
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:196-205
2-Nonadecanone Alleviates Depression through Inflammation Relief in SD Rat
Gil-Hyun Lee and Kyung-Yae Hyun
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:206-212
Upregulation of TNF-α by Triglycerides is Mediated by MEK1 Activation in Jurkat T Cells
Jaewon Lim, Eun Ju Yang and Jeong Hyun Chang
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:213-220
Genetic Variations of Trichophyton rubrum Clinical Isolates from Korea
Nam-Sup Yoon, Hyunjung Kim, Sung-Bae Park, Min Park, Sunghyun Kim and Young-Kwon Kim
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:221-229
Construction of Improved PCR Primer Set for the Detection of Human Enteric Adenovirus 41
Kyu-Bong Cho
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:230-238
Orofacial Pain Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Extracts of Boswellia Serrata in Rats
Ja-Hyeong Choi, Kyung-Yae Hyun and Min-Kyung Lee
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:239-244
Heart Rate Recovery in Metabolically Healthy Obesity and Metabolically Unhealthy Obesity Korean Adults
Kyung-A Shin
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:245-252
Inhibitory Effects of PD98059, SB203580, and SP600125 on α- and δ-granule Release and Intracellular Ca2+ Levels in Human Platelets
Hyuk-Woo Kwon
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:253-262
Inhibition of 5α-reductase of de novo Generation of Short Anti-oxidant Peptides
Sung-Gyu Lee and Hyun Kang
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:263-269
Brief Communications
Growth Inhibitory Effects of Chlorine Dioxide on Bacteria
Kyoung-Ju Song and Suk-Yul Jung
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:270-274
Immunofluorescence Microscopic Evaluation of Tight Junctional Proteins during Enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis (ETBF) Infection in Mice
Soonjae Hwang, Yeowool Kang, Minjeong Jo, Sung Hoon Kim, Won Gil Cho and Ki-Jong Rhee
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:275-279
Antiplatelet Effects of Garlic and Chitosan: a Comparative Study between Fermented and Non-Fermented Preparations
Muhammad Irfan, Minki Kim, Hyuk-Woo Kwon, Man Hee Rhee and Hyun-Kyoung Kim
Biomed. Sci. Lett. 2018;24:280-284