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Table. 4.

Mean diameters of adipocyte with periovarian fat pad thickness detected in HFD mice in this study

 Groups Mean diameters (μm) Abdominal fat pad thicknesses (mm)

Periovarian adipocytes Abdominal adipocytes
 Intact 73.48±11.99 74.65±8.28 1.05±0.25
 HFD 307.61±9.63e 236.06±15.97a 5.22±0.54e
 Metformin 140.24±5.19eg 115.10±17.14ac 2.83±0.94eg
 Silymarin 224.24±26.58eg 137.34±11.46ac 3.45±0.47eg
HBV diluted
 Stock 106.40±10.01eg 83.07±5.88ac 1.65±0.45eg
 2-fold 125.85±9.02eg 99.10±8.39ac 2.10±0.17eg
 4-fold 143.40±10.82eg 112.70± 10.49ac 2.77±0.43eg

Values are expressed mean ± S.D. of six mice

Abbreviations: HFD, high fat diet; HBV: herbal black vinegar

P<0.01 and bP<0.05 compared with intact control by Least Significant Difference (LSD) test
P<0.01 and dP<0.05 compared with HFD control by LSD test
P<0.01 and fP<0.05 compared with intact control by Mann-Whitney (MW) test
P<0.01 and hP<0.05 compared with HFD control by MW test
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