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Table. 5.

Mean daily food consumption and with blood glucose levels detected in HFD supplied mice in this study

 Groups Mean food consumption (g/mouse/day) Serum glucose levels (mg/dL)
 Intact 5.82±1.13 95.83±9.33
 HFD 4.33±0.39e 260.50±52.24e
 Metformin 4.09±0.47e 146.83± 8.86eg
 Silymarin 4.27±0.61e 201.33±25.44eh
HBV diluted
 Stock 4.55±0.72e 108.83±10.96g
 2-fold 4.19±0.48e 129.83± 10.53eg
 4-fold 4.54±0.66e 143.00±12.84eg

Values are expressed mean ± S.D. of six mice

Abbreviations: HFD, high fat diet; HBV: herbal black vinegar

P<0.01 and bP<0.05 compared with intact control by Least Significant Difference (LSD) test
P<0.01 and dP<0.05 compared with HFD control by LSD test
P<0.01 and fP<0.05 compared with intact control by Mann-Whitney (MW) test
P<0.01 and hP<0.05 compared with HFD control by MW test
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