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Table. 8.

Steatohepatitis and mean hepatocyte diameters detected in HFD mice in this study

 Groups Histomorphometry

Steatohepatitis (% of fatty change regions) Mean hepatocyte diameters (μm)
 Intact 7.83±2.49 34.34±5.57
 HFD 81.31±6.13a 89.32±13.75a
 Metformin 64.38±8.33ac 65.90±5.76ac
 Silymarin 41.20±3.90ac 59.70±6.15ac
HBV diluted
 Stock 15.65±4.19bc 40.78±5.08c
 2-fold 36.27±4.24ac 45.87±6.15bc
 4-fold 43.79±4.97ac 56.20±8.36ac

Values are expressed mean ± S.D. of six mice

Abbreviations: HFD, high fat diet; HBV: herbal black vinegar

P<0.01 and bP<0.05 compared with intact control by Least Significant Difference (LSD) test
P<0.01 and dP<0.05 compared with HFD control by LSD test
P<0.01 and fP<0.05 compared with intact control by Mann-Whitney (MW) test
P<0.01 and hP<0.05 compared with HFD control by MW test
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