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Table. 1.

Experimental dosage of treated drugs and herbal black vinegar (HBV) used for HFD

  Group   Diets  Dose (mg/kg/day)    Treatment drug
Control Norma pellet 10 mL/kg Vehicle (distilled water)
HFD pellet 10 mL/kg Vehicle

References HFD pellet 100 mg/kg Silymarin 100 mg in 10 mL of distilled water
HFD pellet 250 mg/kg Metformin 250 mg in 10 mL of distilled water

Active HFD pellet Stock HBV stock solution 10 mL
HFD pellet 2-fold dilution HBV 2-fold dilution solution 10 mL
HFD pellet 4-fold dilution HBV 4-fold dilution solution 10 mL

Abbreviations: HFD, high fat diet; HBV: herbal black vinegar

Seven groups (total 56 adapted mice on HFD were selected base on the body weight at 7 days after initiation of HFD supply, and 2 mice in each group were removed based on the standard deviation of body weight at end of 84 days of administrations or mortalities; finally 6 mice per groups, total 42 mice were sacrificed) were used in this experiment. All test materials and two different reference drugs were directly diluted or dissolved in distilled water, and administered in a volume of 10 mL/kg, once a day for 84 days from 1 week after HFD supply

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