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Fig. 2.

Change of body weights during 84 days of continuous oral treatment of HBV in HFD. All HFD supplied mice were showed significant increased body weights as compared with intact mice from 1 week after HFD supply. Significant decreases of body weights were detected from 28 and 63 days after metformin and silymarin treatment as compared with HFD control, and significant decreases of body weights were also demonstrated in BV stock, 2- and 4-fold diluted solution treated mice as compared with HFD control from 21 or 63 days after administration, respectively. Values are expressed mean ± S.D. of six mice. HFD, high fat diet; HBV, herbal black vinegar. B8 and B1 means 8 and 1 day before start of administration. Day 0 means start of administration day after overnight being fasted. Day 84 means at sacrifice after 84 days of continuous oral administration after overnight being fasted. Group ID was listed in Table 1.

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