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Fig. 7. Pathological changes of lung organs in BCSC metastasis model treated with Dual-Apt-Dox. The mice lung organs were resected on 35th day after tail vein injection of saline, free Dox, Lipo-Dox, Dual-Apt-Dox. (A) Body weight of mice were measured during an experimental period of 35 days (n=4 per group). (B) Paraffin-embedded sections of mice lungs were stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) and observed with a light microscope (Scale bar, 20X: 100 μm, 40X: 50 μm). Mice treated with BCSC alone were used as a negative control, and mice treated only with saline were used as the positive control. The tissues in red dotted lines are pulmonary metastasis regions.
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