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Fig. 7. Photomicrographic views of median value of lung injury score in (A) S-S group, (B) S-E group, (C) E-O group, (D) E-L group & (E) lung injury score. Light microscopic findings in S-E group include edema, hemorrhage, thickening of the alveolar wall, and infiltration of inflammatory cells into alveolar spaces. In contrast, these changes were less prominent in the rabbits receiving omegaven. Assessment of the lung injury scores demonstrated that omegaven successfully reduced the histopathologic severity of the lung injury (S-S: Saline; S-E: Saline-endotoxin; E-O: Endotoxin-Omegaven; E-L: Endotoxin-Lipoven).
Biomed Sci Letters 2021;27:19-27
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