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Table. 2.

Contents of total polyphenols and flavonoids of endemic plants in Indonesia

Sample1) Total polyphenols
(μg GAE2)/mg)
Total flavonoids
(μg QE3)/mg)
MCLW 45.00±2.334)c 16.96±0.83ab
MCLE 25.73±25.31a -
MOLW 37.93±3.06b 16.13±0.42a
MOLE 60.70±6.64e 32.63±0.43e
OAW 139.23±13.20h 23.63±2.17cd
OAE 185.41±12.49ij 33.70±1.77e
AMLW 83.02±4.21f 22.65±0.24c
AMLE 111.22±11.42g 21.13±0.00c
NFWW 176.81±23.10i 24.74±0.96d
NFWE 203.70±33.25j 23.7±0.42d
AMPW 24.23±3.19a 18.21±1.10b
AMPE 50.55±2.86d 16.63±0.21ab

1) Sample information is presented in Table 1

2) Total phenolic content was expressed as μg/mg galic acid equivalent

3) Total flavonoid content was expressed as μg/mg quercetin equivalent

4) Each value is mean ± S.D.(n=3)

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