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Fig. 4. Effect of MAPK inhibitors on TG-induced platelet aggregation and LDH release from platelets. Platelets (4×108 cells/mL) were incubated with or without PD98059 (A and D), SB203580 (B and E), and SP600125 (C and F) at 37℃ for 1 min with stirring, followed by the addition of TG. Additional incubation was performed for 6 min. The cells were then centrifuged to measure the LDH released into the supernatant. Platelet aggregation (A, B, and C) and LDH release (D, E, and F) are shown as bar graphs. **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001 versus 100 nM TG-treated platelets.
Biomed Sci Letters 2021;27:170-6
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