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Table. 1.

2018 Evidence-based stepwise algorithm for diagnosis of PJI

Score Decision
Major criteria (at least one of the following)
Two positive cultures of the same organism Infected
Sinus tract with evidence of communication to the joint or visualization of the prosthesis
Minor criteria (preoperative)
Elevated CRP or D-dimer (serum) 2
Elevated ESR (serum) 1 ≥6 Infected
Elevated synovial WBC count or LE (synovial) 3 2~5 Possibly infected
Positive alpha-defensin (synovial) 3
Elevated synovial PMN (%) (synovial) 2 0~1 Not infected
Elevated synovial CRP (synovial) 1
Intraoperative diagnosis
Preoperative score - ≥6 Infected
Positive histology 3 4~5 Inconclusive
Positive purulence 3
Single positive culture 2 ≤3 Not infected

Data from the article of Parvizi et al. (J Arthroplasty. 2018. 33: 1309-1314.e2)

PJI: periprosthetic joint infection, CRP: C-reactive protein, ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate, WBC: white blood cell, LE: leukocyte esterase, PMN: polymorphonuclear

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