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Table. 4.

Commercially available methods for diagnosis of PJI

Manufacturer Target Specimen Diagnostic methods
ZIMMER BIOMET Alpha defensin Synovial fluid ELISA test
ZIMMER BIOMET Elastase enzyme released by neutrophil Synovial fluid ELISA test
ZIMMER BIOMET Microbial antigen (Staphylococcus sp., Candida sp., Enterococcus sp. and Cutibacterium acnes (called P. acnes) in the synovial fluid Synovial fluid Bead-based method
ZIMMER BIOMET Crystal analysis-CPPD (calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate) and/or MSU (monosodium urate) crystals. Synovial fluid Microscopic observation
Thermo-Fisher Universal 16S rRNA gene and pathogen-specific PCRs Synovial fluid PCR assays
Calprest NG Calprotectin Synovial fluid ELISA test
Laboratory manual CoNS and Candida sp. Synovial fluid Microbiological culture
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