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Fig. 4. Radical scavenging activity of INH2BP assessed by ESR. DPPH radical scavenging activity was measured as described by Nanjo et al. (Nanjo et al., 1996). Briefly, 60 μL of 1 mM INH2BP was added to 60 μL of DPPH (60 μM) in a methanol solution. After the solution was mixed vigorously for 10 sec, it was transferred into a 100 μL Teflon capillary tube, and the scavenging activity of INH2BP, with regard to DPPH radicals, was measured using an ESR spectrometer. The spin adduct was measured by the ESR spectrometer exactly 2 min later. The experimental conditions were as follows; central field, 3,475 G; modulation frequency, 100 kHz; modulation amplitude, 2 G; microwave power, 5 mW; gain, 6.3 × 105; and temperature, 298 K. DPPH scavenging activity of INH2BP of ESR spectra. Data are means ± standard errors (n = 3).
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