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Fig. 2. Induction of PD-L1 and chemokine expression by HDACi (SAHA) and PD-L1 siRNA in A549 cells. (A and B) A549 cells were treated with increasing dose (1~50 μM) of SAHA for 24 or 48 h. (C and D) A549 cells were transfected with the indicated concentration of PD-L1 siRNA for 24 h and then treated with SAHA (10 μM) for 48 h. The levels of PD-L1 and chemokine (CCL5) were determined by ELISA. The data are presented as mean ± SD for triplicate experiments. A; **P<0.01 compared with the control. B; ***P<0.001 compared with the control. C; **P<0.01 compared with control, *P<0.05 compared with SAHA 10 μM group. D; *P<0.05 compared with control.
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