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Fig. 7. PD-1 expression in Jurkat T cells and interaction of PD-1/PD-L1 interaction in Jurkat cell-mediated A549 cell killing assay. Jurkat T cells were incubated with or without PMA and Ionomycin for up to 48 h. (A) The mRNA level of IL-2 was determined by RT-PCR. (B) Expression of PD-1 receptor was determined using a flow cytometry. (C) A549 cells were transfected with or without immuno-DCD [siRNA; 100 nM or 200 nM] for 24 h prior to exposure to immuno-PCD[SAHA; 10 μM] for 48 h before co-incubation with activated PD-1 expressing Jurkat T cells with effector to target ratios of 10:1. After 48 h of incubation, remaining cancer cells in plate were stained by crystal violet. C; **P<0.01 compared with to immuno-PCD[SAHA] only.
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