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Fig. 1. Paraffin sections of human tonsil tissues were stained with a standard hematoxylin and eosin. Microscopic image of a moderate hyperplasia of a lymphatic follicle. The structure of the tonsil stroma and pathological region was well maintained. There was no difference in cytoplasmic and nuclear morphologies among different formalin fixatives. A and B was used laboratory-made formalin (LmF), C and D was used Mirax Co. 10% neutral buffered formalin (MiN), E and F was used MD force formaldehyde (MdF), G and H was used Korea CFC chemical Co. formalin (KoF), respectively. Magnification of A, C, E and G were ×50, and B, D, F and H ×300, respectively. Black and yellow scale bars respectively indicate 1 mm and 100 μm.
Biomed Sci Letters 2022;28:298-306
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