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Fig. 8. Brain MRI study of experimental rats. Brain MRI showed the focal infarction of right M1 after PCI on coronal T1- and T2weighted imaging, and the infarction volume significantly decreased from post-PCI 5th week to 8th week in group C (142.2 mm3 to 110.2 mm3; 22.5%) and D (161.9 mm3 to 117.3 mm3; 27.5% decrease), than group B (148.2 mm3 to 136.8 mm3; 7.7% decrease) as times going on. Group A, normal; Group B, PCI without any stimulation intervention; Group C, PCI with SA; Group D, PCI with rTMS. PCI, photothrombotic cerebral infarction; SA, scalp acupuncture; rTMS, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.
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