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Table. 3.

Magnitude of change in amifostine-induced apoptosis as a result of p53, MMR, or both functions expressed as apoptosis ratios*

Effect of loss of p53 Effect of loss of MMR
in MMR+ cells in MMRcells in p53+ cells in p53cells
3.5±1.2(a) 4.2±0.7(b) 1.3±0.2(c) 2.1±0.9(d)

*Ratio of the apoptosis value in the functionally deficient to proficient cells determined from acridine orange and ethidium bromide and this value was compared untreated with amifostine treated cells. Each value is mean ± sd.

P=0.02: comparison between the MMR+/p53- and the MMR+ /p53+ cells

P=0.002: comparison between the MMR-/p53- and MMR-/p53+ cells

P>0.05: comparison between the MMR-/p53+ and the MMR+ /p53+ cells

P=0.02: comparison between the MMR-/p53- and the MMR+ /p53cells

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