Byeong-Soo Kim; Byeoung-Kirl Baek

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" /> Byeong-Soo Kim and Byeoung-Kirl Baek

" /> Byeong-Soo Kim and Byeoung-Kirl Baek

. BSL 2002;8:223-8.">

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Screnning for Herbs Having Inhibitory Effect on Egg Hatching of Strongyloides venezuelensis

J. Biomed. Lab. Sci. 2002;8:223-228
Published online November 30, 2002
© 2002 The Korean Society For Biomedical Laboratory Sciences.

Byeong-Soo Kim and Byeoung-Kirl Baek

Department of clinical Pathology, Sohae College, Kusan 573-717, Korea,

College of veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National university, Chonju 561-756, Korea

Received November 7, 2002; Revised November 21, 2002; Accepted November 21, 2002.

In vitro bioassays of aqueous extracts of 25 herbal species were performed by ovicidal activity against strongyloides venuelesis. 500 mg of feces from Mongorian gervil infected with S.venuelesis were place into polyvinyl culture with extracts of herb and anthelmintic drugs in trplication. Larval activity inside the polyvinyl bag was recorded microscopically at 12 hours, and every 24hours thereafter for up to 71 hrs incubation. Eggs were no hatched within 72hrs and degeneration was evident in the presence of extracts. The ovicidal activity characterized by the absence of L3 in fecal cultures inside the polyvinyl bag.

Amon 25 hers, 12 herbs had ovicidal effects and caused degeneration of larvae in egg. S. angustifolia, I. helenium, A. koreunm, P. tenuifolia, F.virridissima, A. asiatica, S. chinensis, A. tataricus, S.baicalensis, M. rimosa, S. glabra and Z. piperitum were the most ovicidal effect. However, P. thunvergiana, T. chinensis, C. flos, G. uralensis, C. obutusifolia, C. fortunei, A.koreana. P.grandifloru, P. tenuifolia (Radix), P. mume and A. asphodelodes showed no ovicidal effects in vinylbag cultrue

2. Of 25 herbs, 4 herbs had ovicidal and wormicidal effects, P. thunbergiana, C. flos. B.striata and T. chinesis were characterized by degeneration of larvae.

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